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UT3Fixer P3.1
This is a fix for the 'package not found download was already attempted' error that prevents UT3 server owners from installing custom maps on UT3 servers. P1 has been tested on several Unreal servers and does indeed fix this problem there. UT3Fixer is an ugly hack that seems to do the job. It is a temporary solution allowing server owners to use custom maps until Epic releases UT3 1.3 which will probably fix the problem. It is based on a combination of disabling 'seamless travel' while at the same time still keeping the players connected to the server (disabling seamless travel will initially kick all players off the server).
May 2008
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UT3Fixer 2008-05 17.4 KB
UT3Fixer P2 2008-05 23.2 KB



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UT3Fixer_BRPG.u 7.9 KB bf5b756040f5275fb4e25b384647f3edd7eb5f8d -
UT3Fixer_BTFA.u 8.0 KB 72d37c2fa186c76a4db919b9fb5d2c8f4df75bda -
UT3Fixer.u 7.8 KB 8d06894b1cc83b60034094b1492a0e089c548b9c -

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