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With BattleRPG each player gets a persistent level and persistent experience. This means the server keeps a database and remembers your achievements permanently. For each point you score you get experience, if you have enough experience you go to the next level: * The first 10 levels are very easy to get players to learn how RPG works * Reaching level 80 requires some serious playing but is doable * Level 100 is tougher to reach * Over level 100 it becomes extremely hard Besides experience and levels you also collect Mana. Mana is not persisent, if you leave the server you lose your Mana. If you collect 100 Mana points you get 999 health, you get all weapons and your Mana is reset to 0. What powers do you get for your levels: * For each level you get 1 bonus health * For each level you get 0.5% faster weapons * For each level you get 0.5% faster walking (quickfoot) and swimming * For each level you can jump 0.5% higher * For level 20 and higher you regain health at 1 health per 20 levels per second * For level 25 and higher you get the ability to dodge jump * For level 50 and higher you get 2 ammo per second for your current weapon So for example someone at level 50 starts with 125 health, has 25% more weapon speed, 25% faster walking, can jump 25% higher etc.
December 2007
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BattleRPG adds RPG things to UT3

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