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This small mutator allows you to tune some aspects of UT3. I made it to allow custom settings but also to get some experience with the engine and its development tools. The following settings are available: CfgGameSpeedMultiplier - Total gamespeed (same as Speed Freak mutator). CfgWeaponSpeedMultiplier - Fire rate of weapons. CfgWeaponSwitchSpeedMultiplier - Weapon swiching speed. CfgHoverVehicleSpeedMultiplier - Hoverboard speed. CfgWalkingSpeedMultiplier - Walking speed. CfgHealthMultiplier - Extra starting health. CfgJumpMultiplier - Extra high jumping. CfgbMaxAmmo - Weapons get max ammo. Default values of all settings (except CfgGameSpeedMultiplier) are 1.5.
November 2007
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