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Wayne's Ut04 Modded Guns n Vehicles
August 2007
29.0 MB
Wayne's ut04 modded guns n


Gives players a jetpack to fly around with.
Remote Strike v7 ut2004 mutator
Replace the standard UT2004 weapons with Remote Strike weapons v7 UT2004
105mm Howitzer
105mm Howitzer : A personal Artillery piece Prmiary fires a SHRAPNEL shell which bursts on impact throwing 5-6 grenades into the area into which it has just impacted causing even more problems for soldiers in the area. Secondary fire fires a cloud of 5 mini shells into a wide area, excellent for base defence.
15mm Caseless auto Pistol
15MM Caseless Auto Pistol: A semi auto pistol firing a caseless 15 mm round which causes alot of damage, primary fire allows you to fire as fast as you want but has lower damage than secondary fire which is aimed and has hollow tip bullets causing more damage.
Bofors SMG 10mm
Bofors 10mm Light SUBMG : An insane close to medium range SMG,Primary fire sprays your target with fire whilst alt fire has a sneaky silenced fire ;)
Defender Black 500 Shotgun
Defender 500(black) A fast firing AUTO shotgun capable of clearing an area within seconds, alt fire has a torch so you can see in the dark.
Defender camouflaged 500 Shotgun
Defender 500(camouflage. Semi Auto Pump Shotgun Primary fire fires 9 pellets into a target, alt fore which costs more ammunition fires 20 pellets in a much larger spread pattern and causes more damage per pellet.
Drevin 9mm Silenced SMG
Drevin 9mm Silenced SMG
Enhanced Rocket Launcher
Enhanced Rocket Launcher.
Gauss Heavy Hunting Rifle
Gauss .100 Heavy Rifle : An odditiy in that this was desinged to shoot alien lifeforms when terra forming new planets, Primary fire is a heavy uranium slug that travels slowly but has enormous damage and secondary fire is a BAYONET.
Heavy 80mm Company Mortar
Heavy Company mortar : 60mm rounds rainign down on your opponenets bases , secondary fire lands mines into the area which explode after a certain time.
KRUPPS Heavy Support Weapon
Heavy Support Weapon
LR2 Heavy Sniper Rifle 60mm
LR2 Heavy Sniper Rifle : The Heavy Boy of the Remote Strike Weapons Mod : Capable of 1 shot 1 kill at extreme ranges its disadvantage is a slow fire rate and small clip.
MG Heavy Machine Gun
Heavy MG2 Machine Gun : Rapid Fire auto machine gun, it causes heavy damage in both modes but alt fire is slower firing due to a heavier round being fired causing more damage than primary fire.
Nexus Assault Rifle
Nexus Assault Rifle: Standard Army issue Assault rifle firing bullets and alt fire grenades, primary fire however is very effective and it fires large rounds.

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
Comm.uax 6.9 MB 9749c1ab8e3cb8a8e0efdbf5203fb820ac716113 6
ERL.u 8.3 KB 85ed74cbb046931aefcf1d626e5d6be4b785c5f3 -
FlakRifle.u 14.0 KB cab2715822267b88fd9151a77a689a03a3479230 -
GSR.u 3.7 KB ad0d61a0ec3e4cb97e4a6f6f0a5d0e3f52dd6b5d -
Insta.u 1.7 KB fec61a0b11e7ea204f1529f52161f7bb487ca3a0 -
Jetpack.u 49.9 KB 3d180ba87e0afb749b71dc0bb8ffdcda8ed18d28 1
JetPackMesh.ukx 5.5 MB 2c29ba1b55cc014a3cc82a5da414776b73ce5c07 3
JetpackSM.usx 6.8 MB c0fb3582ea5e1173bc3a51733b1599e08474b70e 3
JetpackTextures.utx 50.1 KB d532aa9be84b27c15e35ed4333a574d5a3e5ec1d 3
MST.u 35.4 KB dc1e4193b9ad223275ffa0eb2f1e6bf491e97530 -
MyMini.u 3.6 KB bf9104ba3ce403aab8a832ef79f2080ed0172e60 -
OMFG.u 280.4 KB c31ad3d0e41c6effe16c10fb26a38d356cf966b2 -
OMFG.u 278.0 KB d90757755b158fa7680f615b1506ff34439e3581 8
Remote_static.usx 11.0 MB 02d3b67e35a7b2e923fa014acfa9210a9f053c4c 6
Remote_strike.u 237.1 KB a89428ef8395afb183c3fa7f86ccf4e379d261f3 4
Remotetextures.utx 13.9 MB fdd7e6ca3678a377f0d280f4bb0e7380f75a358c 5
RemoteWeapons.ukx 15.9 MB 3060aa0b63f61088ea3941d81abd5d2cdceb49fd 6
RSIcons.utx 215.1 KB 533ccc450e43c0b971bc0223124c0f5dabc1cca4 5
SuperHealth.u 2.4 KB 5f2cfc812967c1390d22ad9eebc67b5c40517b51 -
WoRMlite.u 13.0 KB e1a30a62ce7cf31b86f07768a07f7956e2407e32 4

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  Remote_strike OK File is included
  JetPackMesh OK File is included
  JetpackSM OK File is included
  JetpackTextures OK File is included
  Remote_strike OK File is included
  OMFG OK File is included
  Remotetextures OK File is included
  Comm OK File is included
  Remote_static OK File is included
  Remotetextures OK File is included
  RemoteWeapons OK File is included
  RSIcons OK File is included
  WoRMlite OK File is included
  Remotetextures OK File is included
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