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December 2010
Floaty Cadavers
Your kills weigh lightly on your conscience.
Unreal Championship InstaGib
Instant-kill combat with modified Shock Rifles from Unreal Championship.
Unreal Championship Weapons
Unreal Championship Weapons- Weapon models from the console version of UT2, titled Unreal Championship.
UC Assault Rifle
Inexpensive and easily produced, the AR770 provides a lightweight 5.56mm combat solution that is most effective against unarmored foes. With low-to-moderate armor penetration capabilities, this rifle is best suited to a role as a light support weapon.
The optional M355 Grenade Launcher provides the punch that makes this weapon effective against heavily armored enemies. Pick up a second assault rifle to double your fire power.
UC Bio-Rifle
The GES BioRifle continues to be one of the most controversial weapons in the Tournament. Loved by some, loathed by others, the BioRifle has long been the subject of debate over its usefulness.

Some Tournament purists argue that it is the equivalent of a cowardly minefield. Others argue that it enhances the tactical capabilities of defensive combatants.
Despite the debate, the weapon provides rapid-fire wide-area coverage in primary firing mode, and a single-fire variable payload secondary firing mode. In layman's terms, this equates to being able to pepper an area with small globs of Biosludge, or launch one large glob at the target.
UC Flak Cannon
Trident Defensive Technologies Series 7 Flechette Cannon has been taken to the next step in evolution with the production of the Mk3 Negotiator. The ionized flechettes are capable of delivering second and third-degree burns to organic tissue, cauterizing the wound instantly.

Payload delivery is achieved via one of two methods: ionized flechettes launched in a spread pattern directly from the barrel; or via fragmentation grenades that explode on impact, radiating flechettes in all directions.
The UC Link
Riordan Dynamic Weapon Systems combines the best of weapon design in the Advanced Plasma Rifle v23, commonly known as the Link Gun.
While the primary firing mode of the Link remains the same as its plasma-firing predecessor, the secondary cutting torch has been replaced with a switchable energy matrix. Upon contacting a teammate, it converts to a harmless carrier stream, offloading energy from the onboard cells to boost the output of any targeted player also using the Link.
It should be noted that while players are boosting a teammate, they are unable to defend themselves from attack.
UC Minigun
With an unloaded weight of only 8 kilograms, the Schultz-Metzger T23-A 23mm rotary cannon is portable and maneuverable, easily worn across the back when employing the optional carrying strap.
The T23-A is the rotary cannon of choice for the discerning soldier.
UC Rocket Launcher
The Trident Tri-barrel Rocket Launcher is extremely popular among competitors who enjoy more bang for their buck.
The rotating rear loading barrel design allows for both single- and multi-warhead launches, letting you place up to three dumb fire rockets on target.
The warheads are designed to deliver maximum concussive force to the target and surrounding area upon detonation.
UC Shock Rifle
The ASMD Shock Rifle has changed little since its incorporation into the Tournaments. The ASMD sports two firing modes capable of acting in concert to neutralize opponents in a devastating shockwave.

This combination attack is achieved when the weapon operator utilizes the secondary fire mode to deliver a charge of seeded plasma to the target.
Once the slow-moving plasma charge is within range of the target, the weapon operator may fire the photon beam into the plasma core, releasing the explosive energy of the anti-photons contained within the plasma's EM field.
UC Lightning Gun
The Lightning Gun is a high-power energy rifle capable of ablating even the heaviest carapace armor. Acquisition of a target at long range requires a steady hand, but the anti-jitter effect of the optical system reduces the weapon's learning curve significantly. Once the target has been acquired, the operator depresses the trigger, painting a proton 'patch' on the target. Milliseconds later the rifle emits a high voltage arc of electricity, which seeks out the charge differential and annihilates the target.
UC Translocator
The Translocator was originally designed by Liandri Corporation's R&D sector to facilitate the rapid recall of miners during tunnel collapses. However, rapid deresolution and reconstitution can have several unwelcome effects, including increases in aggression and paranoia.

In order to prolong the careers of today's contenders, limits have been placed on Translocator use in the lower-ranked leagues. The latest iteration of the Translocator features a remotely operated camera, exceptionally useful when scouting out areas of contention.
It should be noted that while viewing the camera's surveillance output, the user is effectively blind to their immediate surroundings.
UC Shield Gun
The Kemphler DD280 Riot Control Device has the ability to resist and reflect incoming projectiles and energy beams. The plasma wave inflicts massive damage, rupturing tissue, pulverizing organs, and flooding the bloodstream with dangerous gas bubbles.

This weapon may be intended for combat at close range, but when wielded properly should be considered as dangerous as any other armament in your arsenal.
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