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StrangeLove55 Umod
June 2004
StrangeLove Arena ver.5.5
Replaces all weapons in the level with Strangeloves.
StrangeLove Old Skool ver.5.5
Replaces all weapons in the level with Strangeloves.
StrangeLove IR
The first time you witness this miniature nuclear device in action, you'll agree it is the most powerful weapon in the Tournament.
Launch a slow-moving but utterly devastating missile with the primary fire; but make sure you're out of the Redeemer's impressive blast radius before it impacts. The secondary fire allows you to guide the nuke yourself with a rocket's-eye view.

Keep in mind, however, that you are vulnerable to attack when steering the Redeemer's projectile. Due to the extreme bulkiness of its ammo, the Redeemer is exhausted after a single shot.
Hold tight!
Hold tight!
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StrangeLove55-umod.ut4mod 2.4 MB 9ca154ee8047e01b5485272edeecf086e45659aa -
StrangeLove55.u 203.3 KB 4d3cba0a6791bd08a058d2bf11b60551ef00712c 1
StrangeLoveAnim55.ukx 223.6 KB 3bcf2fff514e74ea355a2405eef251643d11167f 2
StrangeLoveTex55.utx 2.0 MB 8203005a4ad53e3c06473ba07b7598e98e7dcdbc 2

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