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Ripjack Replacer
Replace a weapon of your choice with the Ripjack.
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June 2005
Ripjack Replacer
Replace a weapon of your choice with the Ripjack.
Liandri's continued failure to deliver an updated replacement for the beloved Ripper has led an independant weapons developer to take up the gauntlet. The weapons and munitions division of R.A.D. Technologies has most certainly delivered the goods. Featuring a sleek new look combined with deadly destructive capabilites, the MkII Ripjack is a lethal weapon to be faced with. Get too cocky and you could easily lose your head. Twitch your trigger finger at just the wrong moment and you could just as easily shred yourself with an explosive razor. Utmost caution is advised both while wielding the weapon and facing a competent opponent wielding it.
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Ripjack Replacer 2005-06 RipJack.7z 1.5 MB

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Ripjack.u 64.4 KB 00f8ec99af71b82875b33123ca9c7614fae3ca65 4
ripjackAnim.ukx 645.2 KB 133d6b8c2ce143c1193b69ecb07acf331cc224a3 4
ripjackSM.usx 369.4 KB 00adb25bf464e34e9df90bf4ea613c29269be3bc 6
ripjackSounds.uax 580.9 KB d7254f05331f1fee890aa350d50702c3109afc26 4
ripjackTex.utx 2.9 MB 21be7b3b41eae9e4b98974e0dee442ec1bd1e3d3 4

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