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October 2015
Dark Matter Gun
The Dark Matter Gun is a very powerful Weapon that fires balls of Dark Matter that can kill most enemies in one hit and most stronger enemies in 2 hits. It can also deal large amounts of damage against bosses. When fired, the dark matter ball slowly travels through the air, much like the BFG10k blast, until it hits a wall. Most enemies will be sucked into the small blackhole and killed off whilst larger enemies will take a second shot to kill. On contact with a wall, the Dark Matter will explode dealing damage to nearby enemy caught in the blast radius.
The Gauntlet is a circular-saw-like melee weapon. The Gauntlet is the weapon to humiliate somebody with!
Grenade Launcher
The Grenade Launcher fires grenades as its name implies. These grenades will bounce for about three seconds before exploding. Grenades will automatically explode upon contact with an enemy or exploding barrel.
The Hyperblaster is a tubular, fully-automatic energy rifle that fires powerful, fast-moving plasma balls. It does decent damage and has a very high rate of fire, making it effective against most foes in game.
Lightning Gun
The Lightning Gun or just simply LG is an experimental Strogg Weapon that fires a single, continuous beam of lightning at a target. The Lightning Gun doesn't need to be reloaded, making it easy to use. However, it does burn ammunition at an insane rate.
The Machine Gun is a compact, select-fire automatic assault rifle operated by the Space Marine Corps as their primary service rifle. Small, accurate and all-purpose, the rifle is the most common Human Weapons on Stroggos and commonly used by Tactical Stroggs.
The Nailgun is a powerful, compact, full-auto Strogg rotary cannon that shoots Nails; which are un-aerodynamic Flechettes which shatter on impact, inflicting splash damage.
Napalm Launcher
The Napalm Launcher is a weapon that fires balls that light on fire when they hit something, whether it be a player or the wall. The Napalm Launcher is a great area-denial weapon.
The Railgun fires a depleted uranium Slug that can kill weak enemies in one shot, and inflict major damage on medium enemies. Unfortunately, it also has a delay of about 1.6 seconds between each shot for the weapon to cool down from firing.
Rocket Launcher
The Rocket Launcher is very versatile weapon, capable of destroying groups of weak enemies with few shots, and taking out strong enemies.
The Shotgun is a pump-action shotgun that fires a volley of pellets. The Shotgun must be pumped after each shot and each round must be loaded individually. The Shotgun is ineffective past close range.
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