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June 2005
Crotch Lightning Guns
Replaces all sniper rifles with crotch shot enabled lightning guns.
Crotch Shot Arena
Replaces all weapons with a crotch shot enabled weapon.
Crotch Shot Pro
Adds crotch shot capability to any lightning guns or sniper rifles.
Crotch Shot UpKick
Adds extra upkick to ragdolls from fatal crotch shots.
Crotch Sniper Rifles
Replaces all lightning guns with crotch shot enabled sniper rifles.
Instant-kill combat with modified shock rifles.
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CrotchShotPro_V3.u 199.0 KB 3b26f59d305a35e44341c7d839fe36667a1ba6f6 -
CrotchShotPro_V3.ut4mod 211.1 KB bee5375b6c1b698d97265d15f3b2e66844898562 -

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