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March 2006
INIVasion mut: 2 enhanced IG weapons, a powerful Shield Gun and optimized monster spawning.
VINIVasion mut for vehicle invasion: 2 enhanced IG weapons, a powerful Shield Gun and optimized linkgun especially designed for healing vehicles, and optimized monster spawning.
An Enhanced Version Of The Zoom-Instagibrifle
Flak Bag
Trident Defensive Technologies Series 7 Flechette Cannon has been taken to the next step in evolution with the production of the Mk3 Negotiator. The ionized flechettes are capable of delivering second and third-degree burns to organic tissue, cauterizing the wound instantly.

Payload delivery is achieved via one of two methods: ionized flechettes launched in a spread pattern directly from the barrel; or via fragmentation grenades that explode on impact, radiating flechettes in all directions.
Enhanced Link Gun
Riordan Dynamic Weapon Systems combines the best of weapon design in the Advanced Plasma Rifle v23, commonly known as the Link Gun.
While the primary firing mode of the Link remains the same as its plasma-firing predecessor, the secondary cutting torch has been replaced with a switchable energy matrix. Upon contacting a teammate, it converts to a harmless carrier stream, offloading energy from the onboard cells to boost the output of any targeted player also using the Link.
It should be noted that while players are boosting a teammate, they are unable to defend themselves from attack.
Enhanced Shield Gun!
The Kemphler DD280 Riot Control Device has the ability to resist and reflect incoming projectiles and energy beams. The plasma wave inflicts massive damage, rupturing tissue, pulverizing organs, and flooding the bloodstream with dangerous gas bubbles.

This weapon may be intended for combat at close range, but when wielded properly should be considered as dangerous as any other armament in your arsenal.
Enhanced Instagib Combo Rifle
The ASMD Shock Rifle has changed little since its incorporation into the Tournaments. The ASMD sports two firing modes capable of acting in concert to neutralize opponents in a devastating shockwave.

This combination attack is achieved when the weapon operator utilizes the secondary fire mode to deliver a charge of seeded plasma to the target.
Once the slow-moving plasma charge is within range of the target, the weapon operator may fire the photon beam into the plasma core, releasing the explosive energy of the anti-photons contained within the plasma's EM field.
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