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Monster Hunt
Garden of Death - Call the Ghostbusters!
Lots & Lots & Lots of
December 2019
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Natural
22.9 MB

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
baron.u 287.1 KB f2e997f659ac04d1091440fdd4073caa16e903c4 11
BigMan.u 647.2 KB 008342f5dd95cdd56ab79c20ee085194658e6f09 4
doom2T.utx 8.4 MB 0331b4305127558274c5fc135e576fa5ed837b8d 14
DragonText02.utx 3.1 MB 460049186b5246635a3a5a3777f6a88f5bc8095a 9
Ghost.u 9.8 KB 147c8fc4166d51836a2aac0237cea2a7b02a15d4 1
HauntedCreatures.u 552.1 KB 3173950f2af3637af7b76ec7c8ade46543ccb9c8 47
HellDemon.u 643.8 KB f7228ac6729a3ef47034b326520dd66a3f96f9e6 8
Highway_To_Hell.umx 2.2 MB 64e1f5a7a6683795271427935ef428575faa5fd6 6
imp.u 179.4 KB 464c8b7916d132f7eafd4fe7d91bbd93b55f54fe 10
MH-GardenOfDeath_Hell.unr 3.7 MB ff74e96a15ea486158e00b418daa53316e75bffb -
PSXGargoyle.u 1.3 MB efa7974380a9085d5c9532ba212b2ce0a87db29a 6
QuakeMPak2.u 2.0 MB 2db1bb954aaf1a6fb18d11a7ed1ce448108ce5cb 18
SeriousDragon.uax 689.6 KB 1ddf0f2a41be830c4c3810ee34915e7934e9843b 9
UDoom.u 9.4 MB 87885d0a9504a60a63f9483c46037f4d3c002fff 8
UPSXDragon.u 1.9 MB 42a06571f0bb0a30ba28ccb761398544fca3879f 22
Zombi.u 44.5 KB d119438f3c627b9eec4e53401ba298cc693afd06 3

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  DawnT MISSING File is not included
  Deadsounds MISSING File is not included
  baron OK File is included
  BigMan OK File is included
  doom2T OK File is included
  DragonText02 OK File is included
  Ghost OK File is included
  HauntedCreatures OK File is included
  HellDemon OK File is included
  Highway_To_Hell OK File is included
  imp OK File is included
  MonsterHunt MISSING File is not included
  PSXGargoyle OK File is included
  QuakeMPak2 OK File is included
  SeriousDragon OK File is included
  UDoom OK File is included
  UPSXDragon OK File is included
  Zombi OK File is included
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