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Monster Hunt
Base Facility AFC
January 2023
LineARC Maps Are Testing To Be The Best Since 2023
76.8 MB
AFC-Base-Facility_Test- Map.rar

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
AFCBasePanel.utx 6.5 MB 555389aeb78bc7491b9686bd2f7d711aa24dea39 -
AFCMasterTextures.utx 8.4 MB cdb9838936c26e9f2156121c742b1fae160c6927 -
ARC-Extreme.umx 11.7 MB 1a80c0f6d5cda158c67cae810d84d092eb95580a -
ARCWoodRain.umx 11.6 MB da8b605f74003916c46be2c4f9f272e3fff0b440 3
ds_nl.umx 889.3 KB 7b07dde0a464cc68465e35a61b4c11bdd238aa8b 33
dUFXSounds.uax 6.4 MB c00e49fe386eeb6f00022d01577a0b7064ed0a7a 4
FlowingEnergy.umx 423.9 KB 2f56e562df5dfb51fc79eaa96585a46205762ed5 2
LineARC.utx 95.7 MB 543dbc49f152cd9ddd7e25c600203d3c7e58425d 3
MH-AFC-BaseFacility.unr 4.3 MB 38aac034e970a00f49891b7c7a1bbaf9220b1b4d -
r-deep.umx 1.9 MB 303aafe20c11d41e23c56c1c0d04ea1e3f5dd1cd 23
Sky.utx 4.0 MB 76f55cbb2d7a17ec74e59636831413edb3cd8c8a 552

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  sky OK File is included
  avengingangel MISSING File is not included
  MonsterHunt MISSING File is not included
  ARC-Extreme OK File is included
  AFBaseLineARC MISSING File is not included
  dUFXSounds OK File is included
  r-deep OK File is included
  ds_nl OK File is included
  AFCBasePanel OK File is included
  LineARC OK File is included
  ARCWoodRain OK File is included
  FlowingEnergy OK File is included
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