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CTF-Mission Oediv IV
Capture The Flag
Mission of Oediv IV
Albert the Cat (Tristan Fisher)
October 2002
Destoy the Alien Invasion Force!
Nali Temple
Skaarj Crypt
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Name Size Hash Also In
Adelusion.utx 57.3 KB a32aa0ef5931a916eca96f9aef1597c225e81f64 -
Alamo.utx 282.6 KB 9b3e89276f40351e8f2f6ad61503ff62ca9f0b0d -
CTF-Mission Oediv IV.unr 4.0 MB c2d3f8287c2b350628c13ec31c556296939f9987 -
CTFColor.utx 12.5 KB 49836bd8ed2dbe7c20e16be4268656df164f6f09 -
Environment.utx 1.3 MB f6d2071c396d200c60be09a6cae4702b84da2546 -
TD-0001.utx 1.1 MB 8a599f3bcc30894e9a13bd45473c5431c0e1be8d -

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CTF-Mission Oediv IV.unr
  TD-0001 OK File is included
  Adelusion OK File is included
  Alamo OK File is included
  Environment OK File is included
  CTFColor OK File is included
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