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Vehicle CTF
May 2009
'I don't believe this', Othello blurted as he crashed through the mess hall door. 'What's going on?' asked Reaper as he polished off the remainder of his dehydrated meal. 'Those frikin lizards, they have just gone and built another oil-rig!'. 'What? Pesky Krall, where have they built it?'. 'Well, that's the problem you see, out of all the places on this water world, they have gone and put it right next to ours'. 'Why I outa!' Reaper shakes his fist to the sky in frustration, still holding his spork. 'Reaper, it gets worse. Those dumb bots have thought it a good idea to build a bridge, Cathode works surprisingly fast actually'. 'That's it! Where's Kana? Send her to go get those panzy lizard's Flag as a trophy. But remember Othello, she's a noob so don't let her get tempted by camping on the ship with the Sniper Rifle.'. 'Ooh, does this mean I'll get a chance to play with that Nightshade we captured?'. 'Why would you do that you big girl? Here's the keys to the Cicada, and don't get jacked up on those powerups like before, I don't want you throwing another Juggernaut whitey like last time'. Reaper loaded up at the locker before heading out to the Raptor. Bishop rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath 'I suppose I should man the turret, no one ever cares about defense'.
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