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2 to 12
November 2009
To be abble to install their regenerators and teleporters close to a unstable magnetic area, the Liandri have build this structure with a mix of stones collected all around the galaxy and with powerfull magnetism.Though the unstability of the area was so huge that several fighters have die during the teleportation process.After some addaptations the Liandri have decide to remove the teleporters and to give back this arena to the tournament...
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DM-Dolmens_LOC_int.upk 281.6 KB 736480c574857992cfabc46fa2c63da2e74e561a -
DM-Dolmens.ut3 22.3 MB 5bb451f5788115cb2651c0484fb4611c59fe260f -
MutDodgeJump.u 9.7 KB 2f0fb3c803b03fa42385de09e1611d02c3d9e32f 1

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