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Capture The Flag
(Vp)FragWhore Arena
2 to 10
January 2008
This is the third Unreal game I've made this 'spam-in-a-box' map for. Can't wait for UT4(or whatever they call it) to come out so I can punish the community with it again.:P Actually, the only reason I remade it was to acquaint myself with the new editor. Thx to
Wolverine for pushing me to map again,
Slider for the billboard textures and F.E.A.R. for making it so easy to steal, I mean borrow the graffiti textures. Happy Fragging!!(yeah, if anyone actually reads these files)
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CTF-(Vp)FragWhore_LOC_int.upk 707.5 KB 843ab16e99f9fb54065378017ddd7a2a69e237c5 1
CTF-(Vp)FragWhore.ut3 16.8 MB 97addf80bc0f68c0be04f63184f5ae9c32d2baac 1

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