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Vehicle CTF
Snow Nali Brothers 2
January 2011
Long time ago, two nali brothers came out of nali as prisoners at an skaarj ship, after the sucess escaping with an accident on the ship, they come down to this cold canyon, where have no nalis here, so, they decided to make their two house in the canyon and be the first nalis to alive here, after some months they finshed, stayed here until their deaths, like will happen to you, if you enter here, just exit dead.But LIP-Rampage dont made a perfect map when Liandri ordered him, now, return the version 2 of the deadly arena, now without Hellbenders and with some new details, like the planks at the middle to get the Redeemer, now the secret is not more an Insta Gib shock rifle, now there have a Redeemer, a Ion Painter and a AVRiL instead of the Super Shock Rifle, because some people started to think that get it was a cheat, so, it was cutted off.
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cp_OldNali.utx 1.9 MB 55100bc16aeb9ebc7d0b62cf6bbc8f84668877c6 -
cp_OldNaliShelfs.utx 172.4 KB 53e44712e43634073d9cccc16528f8b8af5c869d -
LIPFogRings.utx 698.7 KB ba947c8afbae73a2232b80b43aacb5e243dff6a7 -
LIPGoliathScorpion.u 9.4 KB 587f4a3684dc163e20cda8d0117758521a8b6a2b 1
VCTF-LIP-SnowBrothersII.ut2 6.2 MB 42e9b05693d93df2e7c646b781f8f0afa0f2d4a1 -

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  cp_OldNaliShelfs OK File is included
  LIPGoliathScorpion OK File is included
  cp_OldNali OK File is included
  AmbOutside MISSING File is not included
  LIPFogRings OK File is included
  DoorsAnc MISSING File is not included
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