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Vehicle CTF
André 'Kantham' Théoret
August 2004
illusion or death , freedom or jail , chaos or life , water or lava , you saw thoses oranges lines? ha , there the short story begins , '31 january 2005 , the liandry discovered a planet , so , whe all know that it is not the first one ...they call the orange lines Arka , this thecnology is used against skarrj during the siege war ,they don't know HOW the hell they can create a such thing like this and how a humain race could do this , it is imposible to imagine ,well , this technology provide your eyes ilusion , what you are seein is false , what you hear is true , you must ingnore this technology , and fight to the death =-Nuff said
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% City
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K-illusion.OGG 3.4 MB a2b2f8a4fcd6367c04d6254e7511e2f9dc22034c 1
VCTF-illusion.ut2 9.5 MB b57c195d633a8129927c8497817250fa5fd7bf20 3

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