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July 2008
Since a long time the LC is searching for the ultimate battlefield. During the examination of a unknown planet, the LC discovered a canyon. The first time when they were there, it was very scary, because everywhere in this canyon were destroyed vehicles. The number of these destroyed vehicles was very high. Liandri was searching for the answer, why these vehicles were there and destroyed. After a lot of examinations, the LC found out, that this was a unit, which was sent by Liandri to this planet to discover it, but these was something. When the unit was on this planet, everything was good, but suddenly the unit sent a emergency signal to the headquarters of Liandri, but it was very short. Liandri sent a Elite Unit with some scientists to this planet. After this informations they still didn't know who destroyed their unit. Suddenly the LC found a survivor and he told, that the unit was destryed by a very big unit of Necris, that was really unexpected, because this, Liandri gave this Canyon the name DEATH CANYON everything there is dead, so watch out.
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