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Land of UberSeizures
August 2005
Once upon a time in another dimension, a Japanese animation studio, a warehouse full of LSD, and a coloured paint factory were floating through space. Suddenly, BAM, they all collided. The resulting reaction was so great it distorted the fabric of space and time, which in turn caused this horrible, horrible place to be formed. So, Liandri decided to stick a few power cores down and made people fire guns at eachother in there. The cruel bastards...
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cheese.ogg 2.7 MB 1dec95b159f0ef650d8d69e2d416b3348c03a960 -
ONS-UberSeizure.ut2 16.9 MB 731aee0d8c0c04b7bef98853ed382a71d11487a9 -

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