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RainStorm Torlan
May 2009
Set on the dried outskirts of a lush jungle continent, two factions clash in fierce combat for control of a major communications tower and its adjacent power supply. With the dam holding back the waters from the nearby jungle, the dried out riverbed running across the battlefield allows for an easy attack route into enemy territory and could provide a decisive victor with ownership of the enormous Comm-tower as the reward. In the beginning I only wanted to learn the new Editor, because I'll shift all mapping activities from UT2004 to UT3. So I started to sample something I know good and took ONS-Torlan, the best retail UT2004 ONS map, to gain some practice with the new Editor.
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1Tmeshes.usx 174.2 KB 337e978a8756c3bf3870e3b62e150b2818376a7b 7
1TNites.uax 8.1 MB 64e5f1cdaab5c1b3495510220fb69e500ffd3e98 6
1Torlanights.utx 5.2 MB 4a2db8c299fe3fe4ddcf1eebd7644a657f369aef 7
mystatics.usx 3.6 MB 25ae5b3c21b56972ab25bc468ca20ae786948a81 5
ONS-Rainstorm-Torlan.ut2 10.7 MB c9f3922c7e81901b6771cc756a9f88f7bd6a9978 -
StarsiegeTribes-Track07.ogg 2.5 MB e5efa358ea9a89cc17af96bbc6798caf99fdb3a0 -
Torlanrevisited.utx 2.5 MB 4e2572a6631c84512a2797430adfe167b8ff9b93 5

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