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April 2004
They came in hard and fast, ruthlessly destroying everything in their wake. To the Skaarj, it was just another planet to conquer. To the Gen Mo'Kai, it was their home, their most sacred of places. The Skaarj tore through the rain-soaked canyons and deep chasms, levelling all they could find. The Gen Mo'Kai fought back bravely, but the Skaarj invaders outnumbered them with their battlecrafts and their superior firepower. For every one of the reptilian foes who were slain, another three took their place. The Gen Mo'Kai were close to defeat, when word of their plight reached the outside worlds. Soon, combatants from far and wide were travelling to the planet to take sides in this forgotten conflict. Soon, the planet became a focus for the Unreal Tournaments, and the deadly battle has continued through the ages, in a constant state of deadlock. There is no longer good, nor evil. Just eternal war.
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