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Multi-Team CTF
CTF4-Lucius Pit
December 2006
This map is one of the older new arenas, originally constructed by the architect who goes by the title of Claymore. The arena was constructed in the last days of the old tournament. As the new tournament was scheduled to begin soon after it's release, the public did not see much of the Lucius pit. Now, as we enter the final days of this seasons tournament, the arena is released to the public again, remodeled by The Iron Knuckle. Soon the arena will be forgotten again as the excitement of the new tournament kicks in. But one day the ideas will re-emerge.More and more arenas will be produced. And when that day comes, the mighty Lucius Pit shall rise once again.
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% Tech
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% Industrial
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CTF4-Lucius 2006-12 CTF4-Luciuspit.rar 7.8 MB

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CTF4-Lucius.ut2 19.8 MB 7ece06fbbfb482c8a0523600ade4efceb9c379c6 1
Spaceport.ogg 4.3 MB c0923aa1cdb19a413d5e6bd6f81e652b4f75e4eb 1

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