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September 2007
This map began as Slainchilds' 1on1 Alzonia and was heavily modified into something very different. --- An underground fortress exposed to the volcanic sky sits desolate in distant drylands in an area forgotten and godforsaken through a bloody history of war and apocalypse. It first fell when inhabited by a 12th century religious civilization who had defied thier gods in place of faith in a force of a darker kind. It had risen and fallen twice over, inhabited by desperate scavengers cast out by a 23rd century apocolypse; A time when the third world war had become something as accepted into peoples realities as peanutbutter sadwiches. Nations procrastinated for months, the end result. Up until the earth caught on fire it was childs play to avoid a cataclysmic detonation. A newly born faction reigned through decades. Operation second sun took form. The sun looked in a mirror at all out nuclear war. Survivors stumbled across a land barren, charred and scarce. It was a trip from one hell to another. There remains only subtle signs of each. It resides empty with no eyes to see it.
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