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Outer Base
Aaron Brokaw
March 2021
Outer Base is the first level of Unit 1 from|Quake 2. It is short and simple - helping the player get used to the game's controls and combat.

The game begins right next to Bitterman's crashed Drop Pod in a devastated room. The level features a main corridor, a small outdoor yard, and a sewer-like area filled with Water. Other parts of the level include a dark crawlspace leading to the sewer, a large, less-damaged room with several crates, and a heavily damaged storage area, in which most of the roof has collapsed.

The level's ambience is very dynamic - the sounds of flying ships and distant explosions can be heard constantly. It appears that the Base complex is being intensively bombed by Terran Coalition of Man forces.

The player's goal in this introductory level is simple - find a way to the exit elevator and gain access to the Installation. Along the way, they can pick up a Shotgun, Grenades and a few other useful items.
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