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August 2005
This map is designed to be an automatic tournament. In the main lobby, there is a huge TV for watching matches, a selection wall for choosing the number of players for a match and for choosing your number for each round, and two portals leading to the arena. To play, shoot the number of players for this match with the shock rifle. (ALWAYS use the shock rifle for making selections! Other weapons can screw up the selection system!!) Next, each player should select their player number by shooting it. Try to do this in a somewhat organized fashion. Once everyone is done, the round will start. Watch the numbers behind the arena portals; you should get ready to go when your number comes up. There will also be an announcement to alert the next two players shortly before the teleporters activate. When it is your turn, stand on the indicated pad. 4 energy rings will drop down, and you will be teleported to an armory room next to the arena. When the door opens, run in and defeat your enemy! After one minute(hopefully one of you will be dead by then), the teleporter in the center of the arena will activate, so if you win, be sure to go stand on it. While you are waiting for your next turn (or if you died), you can watch the matches on the giant TV in the lobby. Once half the players have been eliminated, the next round starts. This continues until there are only 2 survivors; they fight in the final round, after which you can start a new match if you want to. Note--In case it's not obvious, this map is only intended for online or LAN play; that is, no bots. Bots are simply nowhere near intelligent enough for a map like this. NEW VERSION: This new version now has a much less open lobby. When you select your player number, you will be teleported to a sealed-off room with the arena portals. Once selections are done, the selection room itself is sealed off for the rest of the round. Winners of a round are teleported back to that room, where they choose new numbers and continue as normal. In the arena, lifts and more crates have been added, and I fixed a small misalignment of the platforms.
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