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Capture The Flag
Decane Caldera
November 2004
Eons of dormancy bely the nature of violence that erupts daily in this ancient volcanic cone. Located in the center of a vital antimatter research facility in the Saroma system, this field is host to two native, opposing factions, each struggling for control of the galaxy's most modern containment facilities. On days when the twin suns are both in view, the steam rising from the ground is of a crimson tint, and tastes salty-sweet, thick with the blood of battle. Welcome to the Decane Caldera...
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anti_container.utx 1.9 MB c6b1b0d039b8908a48f32d987055bc836cfd4ca4 1
antimatter_container.usx 2.0 MB 546ea65c05ff123d26e2a6bf76d8b9f18a3e9273 1
CTF-UCMP-DecaneCaldera.ut2 19.0 MB 34fe1ade02be5c2f0f8d553875925f0090fcf554 1
DecaneCaldera.ogg 4.9 MB f86fbb692d0c4e52e612e2692f86675a5b0c16ca 1

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