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Capture The Flag
Jos 'Sjosz' Hendriks
January 2005
The sea, rough and ruthless on the surface, tranquil and serene within. The ever turbulent waves are a mere fa├žade for the silence of the deep. Little is left of the serenity of the sea nowadays, for human creation has corrupted it's waters and rolling hills of sand, rock and coral. Originally built to fuel ships of war for their pointless ventures, Aquatica Submarinal Refuel Station landmarked human defilement of nature like no other. Closed down due to low budgets, but still in near perfect condition, the installation was easily bought up by Liandri, turning it into a Tournament venue, with the sole purpose of fueling the thirst for bloodsport throughout the galaxy. Now, peace of mind in this eerie place can only be obtained by emerging victor over your enemies.....
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AmbModern.uax 5.8 MB dac845ee6fd628e223a2c36e66d866b145bb5444 28
Aquatica.ogg 5.3 MB dadf922cfb8014e494c0190a60ba9f6aec3e7303 2
Aquatica_Tex.utx 883.6 KB a0389534c09be55d3cfaa46412ed3331cef5dfa8 3
CTF-UCMP-Aquatica.ut2 29.5 MB f54623294eaf8ce23266f8dfaeb1dcf183355953 1
Fish.utx 1.7 MB 3a73335418404c3e80f043ccb1f745377334af17 2
HourDinora.usx 3.9 MB 2d579af82f16c14cf290446669a2a155ffc4a81a 16
HourDinoraTex.utx 17.9 MB 22ca7dbe0faa1ef3f7117a71a93dfaa4e86136e5 16

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  HourDinoraTex OK File is included
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