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Capture The Flag
Jay "Loosecontroll" Harrison
February 2003
A Favourite Holiday Destination for Anubians is a place known as the Modern Palm Springs up high above the Clouds of there Desert planet. Now a CTF Arena has been made in the same region and time to see if u have what it takes to battle against these Anubians on Vacation.
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CTF-PalmSprings 2003-01 6.1 MB

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CTF-PalmSprings.ut2 3.7 MB 7838a48fe342c3bffc2e3e09e940ce39be90b297 1
DEBonusMeshes.usx 192.5 KB 822a1c0d670800f31474faf6000b0630bb72b60a 3
DEBonusTextures.utx 14.5 MB d6e69319eb3a496343eba23a3b3f37b8b661e626 6
DESkies.utx 6.7 MB e2ea2b717cd8846eb5b7e139a7b2eaf903981b77 1
Egyptmeshes.usx 907.0 KB 14f9ac89e0a70501dd3938cdc35a399331a520a4 4

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