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Capture The Flag
Ghost Train
March 2005
No one knows how these empty train cars move across the desert, but it is well known that they are a perfect way of getting around. Originally, getting aboard one was impossible, simply because they never stop moving. But a fusion of Gen Mo'Kai and human technology has changed that. Now, fast-moving stations circle the desert cities. From this close range, poeple can be teleported to the stations to board the trains connected to them. One of these stations has been converted into an arena. Normally, force fields prevent you from falling off, but they have been watch your step! A section of it was blasted off recently, but it was automatically replaced with an invisible forcefield bridge; be careful, though, because it won't stop enemy bullets! The jet trams are useful for escaping pursuers. The truck carrying the power crystal has not only a superweapon, but a nice sniping spot. If you're feeling daring, turn away from your flag base train as you leave the spawn train and jump into the puddle for the most insane way of getting around you've ever seen! And if you wish to reach the central island platform, you must ignore your fear of falling...
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Tech
90% 90% 90% 90% 90% Ancient
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