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Capture The Flag
RGB Gas Processing Facility
April 2007
RGB gas processing facility was never in red numbers. Owning company - RGB United - can't know what the problem is because Rubingas and Bigryum are extremely valueable. And RGB United is also the only company who posses the secret of how to trasform Garnitum into these two precious substances. | Transformation process however requires regular breaks at night... and here came the Liandri with the idea to use the facility for their bloody sport. RGB facility is well-suited for CTF because of its shape. And spectators love to see people falling into the Garnitum too. | Of course - Tournament Lease for night costs something... and yes, RGB United really can't know what the finacial problems are about.
70% 70% 70% 70% 70% Tech
30% 30% 30% 30% 30% Industrial
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CTF-KG-RGB 2007-04 ctf-kg-rgb.rar 10.9 MB

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CTF-KG-RGB.ut2 20.8 MB 96c0f1b75ed82b6ab33f2ac4dce48d41d1f9cb13 2
kg-rgb-cannonangel-skaven.ogg 4.3 MB b805193691e491d03f6ef7df00f84570a2a81acc 2

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