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Capture The Flag
Halloween MindFuck
October 2013
The universe as we know it seems to be gone since long and you are trapped in this weird black something that seems to be an interdimensional gap. However, the Tournament continues. Why? Noone knows. It could be the joy of killing and the impossibility of dying for good in this weird gap, which leads to just one conclusion: There is no other form of entertainment but to kill each other and steal the flags that survived the transition! But after an immeasurable period of time, weird things started to happen. The combatants fell through holes and all of the sudden, everyone left the arena that they celebrated Christmas on just to fall onto another kind of arena, which faces a huge purple whirl. It appears to be some sort of portal, that seems to destroy this environment. Where does it lead to? Why is it there? Does it cause the instabilities? Could it lead to a new dimension, a better dimension, one that looks and feels like your old one? There is just one way to find out... But first, it is time to capture some flags! - Happy Halloween!
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