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Capture The Flag
Under Construction
October 2003
High above the darkening urban sprawl, the breeze pushes the remains of the sunset onto the still, mirror-like windows of the abandoned heights. Work on this building stopped almost a year ago now. The construction company, being too afraid of tournament sponsors, have left all their equipment scattered over the half built towers. The only sounds that will be coming from this building tonight will be the screams and triumphs of the tournament competitors battling on this deadly sky scraper...
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Construction_S.utx 31.9 MB 9e7f8dbcb3c6ed622de61afa3b90e00d44bf04e3 1
CTF-Construction.ut2 12.5 MB fbf320c8d0a8b8e0df0553ebe80312a8ac9082d2 1

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