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Capture The Flag
Advancing Guard
Luciano 'Neon_Knight' Balducchi
November 2014
This outpost is an old Skaarj facility bought by the Liandri Mining Corporation in order to use in the Tournament, as part of a deal with the Skaarj empire. In exchange, the Liandri would provide machinery and manpower to the Skaarj empire. This won't be your usual face-to-face Capture The Flag arena, since there's an enemy at any corner. Watch out!
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AM-AG-DespCTFTexs.utx 1.4 MB 4b3402984d9d76efee8682ddb9761347d90ebda9 -
AM-AG-Statics.usx 164.1 KB 4534d784549a38f0790c673bf21e754b79f45918 -
CTF-AdvancingGuard-a04.ut2 6.5 MB 92673c867c1494310a5786fdab799406928c3bc7 -

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