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Graham Erlkoenig Justice
October 2006
Following the fiasco of the Nexus Missile Confiscation, the Helians devised a new plan in their attempts for mass destruction. Discovering the desert planet Zirconium, named for its precious supply of nuclear-development material, the Helians established a base there and began constructing their own warheads. These warheads would be capable of much greater destruction than the Nexus Missiles, and would be ideal for launching interplanetary strikes. Combined with the elements native to Zirconium, the Helians would be able to use a combination of techniques to speed up development. One of these techniques involved Core Conductor Beams, which could meld materials together at super sonic speeds. Once again, a strike force was sent in to halt the Helian's plans with the goal of destroying these beams. However, the strike force surprised even Liandri when, in a daring suicide mission, they were able to plant explosives inside the Command Center of the base, and through a chain reaction, destroy the entire facility.
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AS-Zirconium 2006-10 25.0 MB
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AS-Zirconium.ut2 56.9 MB 3b49d6789fd0ec4149c0cd8b41fc36f5328186ce 1
Rahnem_Glacier1.usx 6.5 MB 93aea5ad25dbee8def62929d6b7ce4e42fa6997a 1

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