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The Eye In The Sky
November 2023
Long ago in a far away galaxy a civilization is preparing sacrifices to satisfy the hunger of their angry gods, a game is played where the players must complete a certain set of objectives before time runs out while also defeating all opposition that presents itself.

After countless eons this civilization was thought to be nothing but myths until Liandri received a special invitation from an unknown source about a challenge in the far distant corner of the galaxy, the instructions were simple: send the best gladiators to this desolated planet and complete a set of objectives to receive the most prestige reward : immortality , the names of the winners will be immortalized and worshiped for endless generations. Liandri accepted the invitation and prepared to embark to this unknown sector of the galaxy to win the ultimate game.

Only true champions will prevail.
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Egyptian
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