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Missile Silo
June 2004
This scenario is a recreation of an assault of N E G forces on one of there own bases after it was attacked and taken over by the hellions. Because of the prototype space missile that was located inside the silo next to the base. The N E G commanders saw no other option than to launch a strike force for the base and destroy the missile by any means necessary. This missile held a highly toxic plasma gas that was strong enough to destroy the entire N E G head quarters in one single strike! Only 3 hours after the hellion attack a strike force landed. With the soul goal of launching and destroying the missile, thereby securing a complete strike to take back the base. I used the network systems in the convoy map to speed up build time and make al systems working ;p but anyway this is my FIRST assault map and i'm proud of it (took me some weeks to build so I hope you like it) Have fun, frag hot, Hyperforce
80% 80% 80% 80% 80% Tech
20% 20% 20% 20% 20% Industrial
20.4 MB

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AS-Missile_Silo_V1-1.ut2 29.9 MB 7e9d9a5592211436742c68e562deed2d7db4e2fa 1
Missile_Static.usx 5.0 MB f6d0dbd71a6fdc6b6439974bb3aa5b8076ae965b 1
Missile_Textures.utx 8.7 MB 9dbe5ff2682a1b11c4c52cf3a185c99f2804560d 1
silosounds.uax 9.3 MB 7f7257b94f5bac572aa12a02a7179abe6e511945 1

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