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October 2004
It is too foggy to do what you normally do.. So you decide to go for a drive in your tank. However, you find an unfinished road where the builders are too busy looking up porn to finish building the road. So you must, destroy the turret guarding the road, Then the fence blocking the road, the builders really don't want you getting in, you must then drive through the unfinished road. This is resembly tricky, and after a hard drive with lots of aggrivation. Which is not why you came on the drive. You decide to teach the builders a lesson. You must destroy their computer which stores all their porn, leaving them to do nothing but get on with the work. You then continue your peaceful drive through the countryside, in your tank. :D
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AS-Leviathan-Race-Fix.ut2 13.8 MB 04a705c4e8074efefb2d6cc70059699187146dfe -
CampingSounds.uax 4.5 MB 127a26b4be209258f4e9bec6a9183b31d9129782 -
Ch5_Terrain.utx 5.9 MB c301c228e54ee0cf7a471f3ab37c7821704c8231 4
Chapter10.utx 3.0 MB c94bd39ba43aba5061c8601a465b087568cd9a38 2
Chapter3_tex.utx 6.7 MB 5ecda2c471da90b18b076b11414a11b193d5d28e -
Christmas-at-Grammas.utx 13.0 MB 4ff6a5acffd09d1db9f985908e0e87b60a472eaf 2
Christmas_at_Grammas.usx 516.6 KB 218ed5e0fdc47a767314384f3c9719b4c2415323 1

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  CampingSounds OK File is included
  Christmas_at_Grammas OK File is included
  Chapter3_tex OK File is included
  Chapter10 OK File is included
  Ch5_Terrain OK File is included
  Christmas-at-Grammas OK File is included
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