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The Battle of Celeste
Stefan Baier
June 2004
2049: Once the proud capital city of a powerful militaristic nation, Celeste has long fallen to the devastation of the Great Wars. Now being used as a military stronghold, the citys remnants serve as a battlefield to fend off an invading army. The great fortress Confexia, with its massive steel walls, provides outstanding protection against any attack inside the city. The invaders will face a humiliating defeat if they fail to convert several outposts outside of Confexia, before mounting an attack on the great fortress herself.
20% 20% 20% 20% 20% Tech
80% 80% 80% 80% 80% City
41.0 MB

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
AS-Confexia.ut2 18.3 MB ee228c7d7dd6904d8d5d6a674b90162c56e903a4 1
CelesteFX.uax 10.1 MB bb135833ccd992c2310cd908f4759cf62abb13c0 1
CelesteMeshes.usx 6.9 MB 82ed4d7a37267b36e97722fec0cbb867b61cd982 3
CelesteTEX.utx 19.9 MB 99525c8c5e32a94f76b6a214eee80d3fb793564f 4
confexia_fx.utx 770.9 KB ebc184f87806e11906113ecff3ac9fea84209dfb 1
Confexia_rusted_tech.utx 2.2 MB f61ca94598c8ef94838c1dffa0ab9d351f26c3aa 1
confexia_tech_misc.usx 1.8 MB d69c652c491304b27e7fc90781eaccb576e3fb5e 1
confexiaX.ogg 1.9 MB 5a691d86398dbca02b2a3f66de6021d517207fdd 4
ConTest.usx 109.9 KB f973c8914d4e9f0a1f7df5d593563e63f04ba3e1 1
GeneralSLS.uax 13.6 MB f843d3c7b667dbdfee22a5a040a9894d19d8e93a 1
SCS_ASbattle.u 7.8 KB a77ad2ba9b982a00c9d4146b94d28ad2df5b822a 1

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  Confexia_rusted_tech OK File is included
  confexia_fx OK File is included
  confexia_tech_misc OK File is included
  CelesteTEX OK File is included
  GeneralSLS OK File is included
  confexia_fx OK File is included
  CelesteFX OK File is included
  CelesteMeshes OK File is included
  SCS_ASbattle OK File is included
  ConTest OK File is included
  CelesteTEX OK File is included
  CelesteTEX OK File is included
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