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Chocolate Factory
Mark 'Scrotius' Barton
August 2004
The children of Huddersfield have saved up their pocket money for 5 weeks in order to mount an assault on the Great Yorkshire Chocolate Factory. They have devised a plan to attack the factory and to pump the chocolate throught the sewers so that they can get unlimited access. First we must enter the building through the main entrance which will have been exploded by our under cover team, then we must gain access to the lower levels. Then the chocolate machines must be turned off so that we can handle the pipes later on. The toilets must be then blocked so that the sewage pipe can also be handled. To block the toilets we need large amounts of toilet paper located in the storage room upstairs. Once the toilets are blocked we can swap the sewage and chocolate pipes and reactivate the machines pumping the sweet chocolate into the streets via the sewer system. You must then escape, a mercenary doesn't get paid if he dies.
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