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Area 51: Data Storage
September 2008
The famous secret military base named Area 51 on Earth was thought to be lost forever, but a recent archaeologist expedition uncovered a warehouse filled with fairly large amount of now outdated technology. The technology is question are mostly prototypes of technology used now, so the major corporations of the galaxy became very interested in finding more of the base to see if there is something that has yet to be fully exploited. Dozens of agents were sent to Area 51 from each corporation all hoping to make a profit. Yet, even after all these years, there was still a shadowy organization that wished the secrets of Area 51 to remain hidden. Before the agents had time to decode the information stored in the data archive, dozens of hired mercenaries landed near the front gate and became to lay siege in an attempt to destroy the archive before the agents could finish. This scenario is a recreation of the ensuing struggle between the agents of the corporations and the mercenaries sent to destroy those secrets.
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