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1 on 1
Scorch Outpost
Leon 'Boksha' Buikstra
June 2003
In this modern age where a whole planet can be destroyed with the press of a button, ground wars are quite rare. It's not surprising that one of the more recent ones wasn't fought between governments, but between two megacorps: Liandri Mining and Izenaki. Both seeking after Purgatory's mineral resources, and landing at about the same time, they fought a harsh and hot battle for the few patches of actual land on the lava-planet. Scorch Outpost is a remainder of this war, built by Liandri as a stronghold to defend a key-position between two mountains. Most of it destroyed in Izenaki's last and rather fruitless attack, the remaining parts were slightly modified and are now employed by Liandri as a dueling arena.
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