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InfoMap Pack Information

July 2006
Nali Temple
Nali Castle
Skaarj Tech
35.2 MB


Name Release Date (est) File Name File Size
U98pack 2006-07 49.3 MB
U98pack 2006-06 48.6 MB


Name Title Author
B-Extreme Extreme MotherShip Unknown
B-ExtremeBeg B-ExtremeBeg Unknown
B-ExtremeEnd Extreme End Unknown
B-NaliC Nali Castle Unknown
B-NaliLord Nali Demon Lord Unknown
B-Velora Velora's Edge Jeremy War
Bluff2 Bluff Eversmoking Myscha the Sled dog
Chizra2 Chizra-Nali Water God Myscha the sled dog
Cryox Cryox Ship Inoxx
Dark2 Dark Arena + Harobed Village Somebody...
DASA The Dasa Pass Myscha the sled dog
Dig2 Rrajigar Mine Cliff Bleszinski (converted by .:..:)
FHub1 NyLeve's Canyon Juan Pancho Eekels
FHub2 Noork's Embow Somebody...
FHub2b Trench Juan Pancho Eekels
FHub3 The SunSpire Juan Pancho Eekels
FHub6 Deamon Crater Juan Pancho Eekels
ISVDeck2 ISV-Deck1 Somebody...
ISVKran ISVKran Somebody...
Morose Skaarj Temple of Jrath Grand Master Ice Shaft
Ruins2 Ruins Somebody...
SkyTown2 SkyTown2 Unknown
TerraLift2 Terra Lift Somebody...
Terraniux2 Terraniux Somebody..
UB-Aztec Aztec Velora temple Shane Caudle
UB-FHub4 Spire Valley Juan Pancho Eekels
UB-FHub5 Nagomi Passage Juan Pancho Eekels
UB-FHub6 Mercenarys landing area Juan Pancho Eekels
UB-Foundry Foundry Processing Plant Clifford Michael Bleszinski
UB-Morose Skaarj Temple of Jrath Grand Master Ice Shaft
UB-Nexus Nexus Fire Temple Clifford Michael Bleszinski
UB-NexusEnd Nexus Guardians Clifford Michael Bleszinski
UB-Soledad Soledad Temple Clifford Michael Bleszinski
UB-Toxic Toxic Bio-Waste Refinery Clifford Michael Bleszinski
Vortex3 Vortex rikers somebody...

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
B-Extreme.unr 4.8 MB 9f9cd411fc980b78c42859831c46b6fdec98d246 2
B-ExtremeBeg.unr 593.6 KB 0bcddb9a78fa41f8cc7d1638cba2b81e0bbefc6b 2
B-ExtremeEnd.unr 1.1 MB 7db0fd363603ef08a3f030d7d8784add474a1b70 2
B-NaliC.unr 5.4 MB 8d1f07f19f250527984297f34856a0bc1a17315a 2
B-NaliLord.unr 416.3 KB 4f22070a69bfaf63b88514bb94717c72621d1e25 2
B-Velora.unr 1.0 MB 0e170bd95fbd9b4893159fb3f93869c695717757 2
BetaStuff.u 2.6 MB d7a477edf1287b237d90763c32b06dddd10144a0 2
BFix.u 2.7 KB dcec95966a0f95f50292d4caf306ed3fae29c3b1 2
Bluff2.unr 3.0 MB eeb65e41e8b88adfd55a8a3b1c8ec77545c19c8a 2
Boundary.umx 935.1 KB c06a687b9c109cc509f0d1e652a48b3ebdb055a1 36
Chizra2.unr 6.8 MB 4a54929048c3c53b4d49af95224c7da0cf988e87 2
Cryox.unr 6.1 MB 6d86fb5c9e7627745d7a337c24f182edb322f7e1 2
Dark2.unr 3.1 MB 844ec0355beae8f2d07ba337f98b5330cba52ee9 2
DASA.unr 6.6 MB 67bd49bb38d15befae85c770cfa376c7f53f8fb0 2
Dig2.unr 7.4 MB a12fc059f6a181ddf765de9a90c947679179f098 2
FHub1.unr 2.8 MB a64c7c52877aae7f938a9206792f94c1b2352c89 2
FHub2.unr 912.6 KB 90c5102966a6cb050d82354a826db50e5ec81e4b 2
FHub2b.unr 657.3 KB 837842fc18afad54cb70cb6a32351a4225892910 2
FHub3.unr 4.4 MB 4e58d5bdfbbed19033ee84c64f4a8a446421b9dc 2
FHub6.unr 960.0 KB c2eff314cf78d14f8e05bdbb2edb86f5501b2d78 2
Found99.umx 692.0 KB 1a872cb5ef70d326535354016fdbfa1095e4d919 15
ISVDeck2.unr 490.7 KB f9fa8e5d0de7ebd604c8a18a1eafca12e6a133dd 2
ISVKran.unr 7.6 MB f918c7b62b6b8305ecb3f65420bdba50bd400048 2
Morose.unr 8.6 MB 410a76863e0f3408a4aa362de369cdd12273935a 2
Neve.umx 688.0 KB 4f1fbaa2f96569f57e5d2a4d3b2e04bcc47b6303 65
new3.umx 438.4 KB 27000b24db4022b91d1bb3f2ba071018841e292e 2
Ruins2.unr 5.4 MB 5785779d3c344458b6b2538d891c61521192327c 2
SkyTown2.unr 3.0 MB a113463160b09d713849c6a77e0c0b6c8b5c1b89 2
Soledad1.umx 790.8 KB 92e3c1e435de9062ec0f8f006e47e86aef68d193 3
Suspense.umx 582.2 KB 6326d0c41815f3b967cd0bb6cf42699959c5acf5 3
TerraLift2.unr 444.2 KB 70a91cb763918bc9faae3ef784f98fa3f633eb12 2
Terraniux2.unr 5.0 MB 7679acde6f15b03db5df624717a2754344d96647 2
UB-Aztec.unr 6.5 MB 5e029037fe8c60cc561349ce7bb4fc698d706f9a 2
UB-Crypt.utx 5.3 MB 1351fc00df9f523e5904e71a1c88f52b7802b034 9
UB-FHub4.unr 1.7 MB b6766897f9ed521e1fa4b53f580f9f6c7185d793 2
UB-FHub5.unr 1.2 MB 87dac961c0dd81f4121523c6f5efe581acafb6fe 2
UB-FHub6.unr 866.5 KB d21947a87d881b2c69fc70e7a5972be60805c026 2
UB-Foundry.unr 6.7 MB e49a25eb2b58c8dc0a9eb724db5ee4f1c3133b8b 2
UB-Morose.unr 6.3 MB 40cb180525584b882696cba0b568e273fc66a66b 2
UB-Nexus.unr 6.1 MB 0906ddcc7b800dd12028f424dfc543e7124a0f5b 2
UB-NexusEnd.unr 558.6 KB 7f2c1bdc63e17d2102db31db63f79501e0affcd8 2
UB-Soledad.unr 7.5 MB d1d463420580f77818057130103abbecdd718eda 2
UB-Toxic.unr 6.6 MB 5639695d906d244ac6bcb86a52529960690e5860 2
Vortex3.unr 2.3 MB 2b0e540244dabc9615ce97b0a9a4f9a3855b0a07 2
Walking.umx 954.5 KB ef038a632d29d73cefb4a0faee35528b8f37fd63 3

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  new3 OK File is included
  UB-Crypt OK File is included
  Suspense OK File is included
  UB-Crypt OK File is included
  Walking OK File is included
  UB-Crypt OK File is included
  Walking OK File is included
  UB-Crypt OK File is included
  Soledad1 OK File is included
  Suspense OK File is included
  UB-Crypt OK File is included
  UB-Crypt OK File is included
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