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Cwl Mappack Wk24
Capture The Flag
August 2003
Nali Temple
Skaarj Tech
16.0 MB


Name Title Author
CTF-300K-JumboGumbo Jumbo Gumbo TexasGtar
CTF-[Y]-Halls-Of-Ice-Part-2 CTF-[Y]-Halls-Of-Ice-Part-2 y0ni
CTF-AlienTactics AlienTactics MissingLink
CTF-Another_IceFlow Another Ice Flow Hobi-Wan
CTF-ArcticOutpostv11 Arctic Outpost ver1.1 Steve Nabors
CTF-CliffRuins Cliff Ruins David "D Phrygian" Pittman
CTF-CoRRiDoR_CE101 The Corridors - Clan Edition Tom "Skull" Sacré
CTF-CupaW00t-V2 Cupaw00t-V2 Rakiayn
CTF-FlowStateCB CTF-FlowState Maze and LordFubar
CTF-FreezeYourW00tsOff Freeze Your W00ts Off -=Derdak2rot=-
CTF-Hockey CTF-Hockey Unknown
CTF-IceCavernV2 CTF-IceCavern |KB|AIDS aka |KB|Platinum
CTF-Inca ][ CTF-Inca ][ QuillioN
CTF-Wether Wether Industrial Estate Michael "Bot_40" Rippon

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
Armor2Chrome.utx 87.0 KB 4f47b8d3c2e5af459a7d00218f57d6e6554263e3 12
CTF-300K-JumboGumbo.unr 296.3 KB bdb7afa6a3691a941c9c0f87ed9bcff36eea87d2 6
CTF-[Y]-Halls-Of-Ice-Part-2.unr 1.7 MB 6464b6a2b6cec6718ea381ef932e231bc9177ec2 3
CTF-AlienTactics.unr 3.0 MB 00657399b9c0dc9c57eccf1a234ce24c6897ded2 2
CTF-Another_IceFlow.unr 994.8 KB 1b6bd16b74e3fa57c0201cf177c930bf806bcafc 4
CTF-ArcticOutpostv11.unr 5.2 MB cc6fbe2dcd40fbad3cbb17912b95a2959e32923c 7
CTF-CliffRuins.unr 823.3 KB 27b11d4c0080cce39542fc5a344777ddd08bb110 4
CTF-CoRRiDoR_CE101.unr 1.3 MB 07d789732867f3a4b6863ba93409c8ae69edd79b 2
CTF-CupaW00t-V2.unr 1.3 MB 44c32056c08cab977eadba6eccbaee57387112c4 2
CTF-FlowStateCB.unr 4.9 MB da1ae837a090339b158799871f6447026a7a9097 3
CTF-FreezeYourW00tsOff.unr 3.9 MB cb3a37bda6ea98609c3715d6db713585cb9fa24e 5
CTF-Hockey.unr 667.8 KB c15db242ce25af98c45dcb3fa73b60fdd4c564d4 3
CTF-IceCavernV2.unr 1.1 MB f175da331521c4fbe4cf5a57eb461422a7ea7ff3 4
CTF-Inca ][.unr 1.4 MB aa88a0130ac05450bd5ef54b629a2909f2c0b259 10
CTF-Wether.unr 3.4 MB 9e37b5c0f5ef5a8c4660a42fcec5a87a01651399 4
FallDamageHandler.u 7.4 KB 6f0da354e7b9ff4ab072af92106c0a18dd02d3e6 62
feel.umx 2.6 MB f38e462bb8bf16b1bf25cc55ad8eff97051332f9 23
NPresurect.umx 4.3 MB f4ba7e2a140df34e75c8159bb537f75f95788f9c 17
OW-Machina.umx 1.7 MB 1cf1c4bcface2d74411869c6318637ca8a7ea110 5
swJumpPad.u 23.0 KB 7212941ffe366e45715531864ca15ad88208362e 435

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  feel OK File is included
  SGTech1 MISSING File is not included
  Armor2Chrome OK File is included
  NPresurect OK File is included
  FallDamageHandler OK File is included
  swJumpPad OK File is included
  OW-Machina OK File is included
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