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Type Game Name Author
Map Unreal Tournament CTF-BT-Bit-O-BT-vF Clutch
Map Unreal Tournament CTF-BT-Malignancy-LE [RAV]FireHaze
Map Unreal Tournament DM-AncientMiniGunHall i__H_unte_R__i
Map Unreal DM-Raze+ Graeme 'darth weasel' Hutton *Converted from UT to Unreal by Dik*
Map Unreal Dm-Roon+ David Munnich * Converted from UT to Unreal by Dik *
Map Unreal Gekokujou Hideya + Boom-Boy Modded By Rubie for Coopgame
Map Unreal MH-[SP]BukieBaghdad
Map Unreal MH-[SP]CryptRunner Superfly
Map Unreal Tournament MH-[SP]Gekokujou Hideya + Boom-Boy[AS -> MH]
Map Unreal Tournament MH-[SP]Kittara Robin 'Rob' Pamart
Map Unreal Tournament MH-[SP]Lonely Kenneth
Map Unreal MH-[SP]Shakrah Derdak2rot
Map Unreal MH-[SP]ValleyofDead (_@_)-Spatieman
Map Unreal MH-[SP]ValleyofDead (_@_)-Spatieman