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Jurassicrageiii Pc V105
November 2008
Jurassic Rage: T-Rex
Respawner malfunction is getting worse. Bigger and nastier creatures are being created.
Jurassic Rage: Velociraptors
Respawner malfunction is bringing velociraptors to the battlefield. They're all around us. Stay sharp.
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FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
JR_Raptor.upk 1.0 MB 18a4304e032474c3f43e3c03910609929c5527e1 -
JR_RaptorData.upk 1.2 MB 505870e0c8a93303ce9a1e7ca928371fcb242cd3 -
JR_RaptorSounds.upk 364.5 KB ddb9e61c4d5442f7221d55a48d8179b64802d3ae -
JR_Rex.upk 751.0 KB c1d4f92fddf97195c0d51f3f607fb83f89869ef7 -
JR_RexData.upk 1.1 MB 85e845fa906faf688b733754c5b1b4fc6ddf6183 -
JR_RexSounds.upk 280.7 KB b5d6a59de2820938eb4b3d66c6080cf87e655e5f -
JR_UI.upk 215.9 KB bad0da6626334b2946bcce4f396ed16bbdcd68e2 -
JR.u 267.1 KB 71e25fed53feb3c3ff1c1cb7c7c432e359621d04 -

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  JR_RaptorSounds OK File is included
  JR_Rex OK File is included
  JR_Raptor OK File is included
  JR_RexSounds OK File is included
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