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UT2341 BETA3
March 2021
UT2341: Instagib
Instagib, UT2341-style.
Unreal Tournament 2341
Replaces the standard weapons with UT2341 equivalents. Modifies Pawn properties and the gravity to simulate Unreal Tournament.
GES Bio-Rifle
Classification: Toxic Rifle

Primary Fire: Wads of Tarydium byproduct are lobbed at a medium rate of fire.

Secondary Fire: When trigger is held down, the BioRifle will create a much larger wad of byproduct. When this wad is launched, it will burst into smaller wads which will adhere to any surfaces.

Techniques: Byproducts will adhere to walls, floors, or ceilings. Chain reactions can be caused by covering entryways with this lethal green waste.
Classification: Light PistolnnPrimary Fire: Accurate but slow firing instant hit.nnSecondary Fire: Sideways, or 'Gangsta' firing mode, shoots faster and less accurately than the primary fire.nnTechniques: Collect two for twice the damage.
Flak Cannon
Classification: Heavy Shrapnel

Primary Fire: White hot chunks of scrap metal are sprayed forth, shotgun style.

Secondary Fire: A grenade full of shrapnel is lobbed at the enemy.

Techniques: The Flak Cannon is far more useful in close range combat situations.
Impact Hammer
Classification: Melee Piston

Primary Fire: When trigger is held down, touch opponents with this piston to inflict massive damage.

Secondary Fire: Damages opponents at close range and has the ability to deflect projectiles.

Techniques: Shoot at the ground while jumping to jump extra high.
Classification: Gatling Gun

Primary Fire: Bullets are sprayed forth at a medium to fast rate of fire and good accuracy.

Secondary Fire: Minigun fires twice as fast and is half as accurate.

Techniques: Secondary fire is much more useful at close range, but can eat up tons of ammunition.
Pulse Gun
Classification: Plasma Rifle

Primary Fire: Medium sized, fast moving plasma balls are fired at a fast rate of fire.

Secondary Fire: A bolt of green lightning is expelled for 100 meters, which will shock all opponents.

Techniques: Firing and keeping the secondary fire's lightning on an opponent will melt them in seconds.
Classification: Thermonuclear Device

Primary Fire: Launches a huge yet slow moving missile that, upon striking a solid surface, will explode and send out a gigantic shock wave, instantly pulverizing anyone or anything within its colossal radius, including yourself.

Secondary Fire: Take control of the missile and fly it anywhere. You can press the primary fire button to explode the missile early.

Techniques: Remember that while this rocket is being piloted you are a sitting duck. If an opponent manages to hit your incoming Redeemer missile while it's in the air, the missile will explode harmlessly.
Classification: Ballistic Blade Launcher

Primary Fire: Razor sharp titanium disks are launched at a medium rate of speed. Shots will ricochet off of any surfaces.

Secondary Fire: Explosive disks are launched at a slow rate of fire.

Techniques: Aim for the necks of your opponents.
Rocket Launcher
Classification: Heavy Ballistic

Primary Fire: Slow moving but deadly rockets are fired at opponents. Trigger can be held down to load up to six rockets at a time, which can be fired at once.

Secondary Fire: Grenades are lobbed from the barrel. Secondary trigger can be held as well to load up to six grenades.

Techniques: Keeping this weapon pointed at an opponent will cause it to lock on, and while the gun is locked the next rocket fired will be a homing rocket. Because the Rocket Launcher can load up multiple rockets, it fires when you release the fire button.
ASMD Shock Rifle
Classification: Energy Rifle

Primary Fire: Instant hit laser beam.

Secondary Fire: Large, slow moving plasma balls.

Techniques: Hitting the secondary fire plasma balls with the regular fire's laser beam will cause an immensely powerful explosion.
Sniper Rifle
Classification: Long Range Ballistic

Regular Fire: Fires a high powered bullet. Can kill instantly when applied to the cranium of opposing forces.

Secondary Fire: Zooms the rifle in, up to eight times normal vision. Allows for extreme precision from hundreds of yards away.

Techniques: Great for long distance headshots!
Super Shock Rifle
Classification: Energy Rifle

Primary Fire: Instant hit laser beam.

Secondary Fire: Large, slow moving plasma balls.

Techniques: Hitting the secondary fire plasma balls with the regular fire's laser beam will cause an immensely powerful explosion.
The Translocator was originally designed by Liandri Corporation's R&D sector to facilitate the rapid recall of miners during tunnel collapses. However, rapid deresolution and reconstitution can have several unwelcome effects, including increases in aggression and paranoia.

In order to prolong the careers of today's contenders, limits have been placed on Translocator use in the lower-ranked leagues. The latest iteration of the Translocator features a remotely operated camera, exceptionally useful when scouting out areas of contention.
It should be noted that while viewing the camera's surveillance output, the user is effectively blind to their immediate surroundings.
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UTRFonts.utx 2.2 MB 19f20285c846765b9e4376c2c7844d49b52d08ab 2
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