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DM-Winter's Verge
May 2003
"Life's autumn past, I stand on winter's verge." --Wordsworth Long ago, a selfish Baron wished to exact more taxes from his peasants. To force them into submission, he built a keep high in the mountains above the village and had master craftsmen construct a complex sluice that would control the flow of water into the valley. If the villagers refused his taxes, he threatened to stop the flow of water, killing the summer crop. The villagers were forced to toil under the cruel Baron, until a boy came forward with an idea. "The sluice gates must be opened for the spring thaw" he said, "or the Baron's keep would be washed away". So, after a harsh winter, the boy climbed to the keep and snuck inside. He broke the chains that would release the sluice and fled. The Baron panicked, and sent for the craftsmen to repair the damage, but they were waylaid by the villagers at the base of the mountain. The Baron refused to leave his mountain stronghold, and when spring came, both he and his keep were shattered and swept into valley below.
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