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DM-OXIDE v1.02
May 2003
The "Oxide" industrial plant started out as one of NEO incorporated's Testing facilities. It was used for testing how plain old rust would act on different kinds of metals under various sircomstances and in multiple different constructions. The obtained data from the tests was used to make constructions in their Tournament arenas last longer and making them able of taking large amounts of force (from e.g. missile impact etc.). - After a few years of doing it's job, the plant got forgotten and decayed (due to the immence increase in usage of stainless steel it got useless). - Until the Tournaments got so popular and more and more warriors signed in. At that moment there was a shortage of arenas for the Tournament wars. So NEO inc. decided to give the plant a whole new life and purpose than before: A Tournament Arena! - At that moment DM-Oxide was born!!!
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Industrial
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