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January 2004
In 3846 B.C. an egyptian Pharoah by the name of Ukitar condemed the Temple of Eve to be the watch tower of all egypt (the evident reason being that the temple was miles above the surface supported by a tower -like structure). Although the Temple of Eve was to be his watch tower, he would not be the one running it. Ukitar appointed a man named Scrotum to rule a working tribe of people to run the place. The temple was named Temple-Of-The-Eve due to the lack of a sun near the planet (Vulcania). Every night, or eve, the people of the templedeveloped new methods ofwatching over and punishing the people of egypt...................Soon the tribe became bitter and started torchering and killing people for no apparent reason, and leagues of people rose up against the ruler and his people. The rebelion caused the death of all people in the temple, now a tomb to those who died there. Ukitar was so furious that he destroyed all but 1 egyptian (his wife)................The temple was lost for 5051 yearsuntill it was just located and claimed by the Unreal Tournament League. The temple is now used for battle.
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